Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Introducing the C-String

Just in time for the holidays!  For all the unmarried sluts and even other slightly more modest ladies in your life, check out this fantastic stocking stuffer

You can even ride a motorcycle!  As Rhonda Burbage confidently testifies on the newfangled thong's website:
Actually, I wore it out last night and was out on the motorcycle. Very different feeling, but was actually great, it stayed in place and I wasn't fighting straps or worrying about it cutting up into me. In better words, I LOVE IT!! 
 Jenny -- another sexy, satisfied customer -- agrees: 
All in all, the c-string is sexy, not having to worry about the panty lines is great, and it's an interesting sensation having no side coverage.
The C-String:  when even the slightest panty line simply will not do!

Special thanks to Inga Pussé (of the Romanian Pussés, 
via Racked.com) for bringing this essential undergarment to our gynecocentric attention. And cuntgratulations to us for this being our 100th posting! We'd also like to thank our loyal reader(s) for sticking with us since March 2008!

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