Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vintage Beaver: Print Edition

My apologies to my fellow beaver enthusiasts for the extended break in blogging.  But I have recently been inspired by a very generous and creative birthday gift from my dear friend Coco Lipschitz.  I give you Beaver: The "Wildlife" Magazine.

I am now the proud owner of Volume 3, Number 5 (upper left corner) from September 1978.  Unfortunately, an exhaustive Google search has yielded little information on this short-lived smut series.  Once headquartered on New York City's tony Park Avenue between Union Square and Gramercy Park (which I'm guessing wasn't quite as glamorous an area back in the late 70s), there's barely a trace of its existence left in the building that now houses City Crab & Seafood Company, among other unrelated and far less provocative businesses.  

There are a few issues of Beaver available online, like Vol. 2, Number 1.  But as I mentioned, finding them is a challenge.  That silly show from the 60s, Leave It To Beaver, really skews the results.  As does a bunch of Canadian crap (I say that with much love for our friends to the north).  Speaking of which, one of the more interesting articles I stumbled upon featured the following headline in regards to some other publication that has apparently been chronicling Canada's history since the 1920s:

The New York Times even covered the scandal.  

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Nurse Cracker said...

Oh you betta WERK the Beaver mags! Awesome gift! xoxo Nurse and her own beaver wishing she were in NYC for your celebrations